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Pipe Thread

Pipe Thread

Pipe Thread Taps Drill Bits are crafted for tapping threads in pipes and fittings, ensuring a tight and leak-free seal. With their tapered design, these taps are commonly employed in plumbing, HVAC, and gas piping installations.

Thread taps are cutting tools used to create internal threads in a hole. They are designed with a series of cutting edges along the length of the tap that remove material and create a thread form when the tap is rotated and advanced into a hole.

There are several types of thread taps, including:

1. Straight Flute Taps: These taps have straight flutes that run the full length of the tap. They are commonly used for general-purpose threading and are available in a variety of sizes and thread pitches.

2. Spiral Flute Taps: These taps have a spiral flute design that helps to evacuate chips and swarf more efficiently than straight flute taps . They are ideal for threading deep holes or hard-to-reach areas.

3. Bottoming Taps: These taps are designed to cut threads in the bottom of a blind hole. They have a shorter length and a smaller thread form than other taps , allowing them to reach the bottom of the hole without breaking.

4. Plug Taps: These taps are designed to cut threads in the upper portion of a blind hole. They have a longer length and a larger thread form than bottoming taps .

5. Form Taps: These taps are designed to create a specific threads form, such as a square or acme thread. They have a unique profile that matches the desired thread form.

When using threads taps , it is important to use the correct tap for the material being threaded and to follow proper taping techniques to ensure a successful thread is created. This includes using cutting oil or lubricant, using the correct speed and feed rate, and applying the proper torque. Additionally, it is important to clean the tap regularly during use to remove any chips or debris that may accumulate and cause damage to the tap or workpiece.

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