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20” (500mm)

20” (500mm)

Versatile Diamond Blade Tailored for 20HP - 65HP Machine Compatibility,The HNSAG series asphalt diamond blade, tailored for 20HP - 65HP machines, stands as a pinnacle of performance in cutting applications. This asphalt diamond blade boasts a high diamond concentration, fortified cores, and diamond inserts for optimal core protection. Specifically designed for asphalt , asphalt over concrete, and green concrete, it ensures impeccable cutting results without spalling.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Slurry Removal:

    • Wide U slots and various types of undercut protection are integrated to facilitate easy slurry removal. This feature ensures not only a clean cutting process but also contributes to excellent overall performance.

  2. Adaptable to Different Machines:

    • The HNSAG series offers versatility with different bonds catering to machines ranging from 20HP to over 65HP. Users can select the bond that aligns with their specific equipment requirements, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

  3. Core Protection for Enhanced Durability:

    • The asphalt diamond blade features a high diamond concentration and incorporates especially hardened cores with diamond inserts. This design is strategically implemented to provide robust core protection, resulting in increased durability and a prolonged lifespan for the blade.

  4. Ideal for Specific Applications:

    • Tailored for asphalt, asphalt over concrete, and green concrete cutting, this diamond blade is engineered to excel in these specific applications. The design and features are optimized to deliver outstanding results in these materials without spalling.



  • Material Compatibility: Asphalt, Asphalt Over Concrete, Green Concrete

  • Machine Compatibility: 20HP to Over 65HP (Different Bonds Available)

  • Diamond Concentration: High

  • Core Protection: Especially Hardened Cores and Diamond Inserts

  • Slurry Removal: Wide U slots and Undercut Protection

High-Performance Cutting for Specialized Applications:

The HNSAG series asphalt diamond blade  is a specialized solution for professionals engaged in asphalt, asphalt over concrete, and green concrete cutting. With features that prioritize efficient slurry removal, adaptability to various machines, and advanced core protection, this diamond blade  delivers high-performance cutting for specific applications. It is an essential tool for road construction, maintenance, and a range of construction and paving projects where precision and durability are paramount.

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