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High-Performance Tungsten Round Nose End Mill: Maximize your machining efficiency with our high-performance tungsten round nose end mill. Designed for versatility and reliability, it excels in various milling applications. Crafted from premium tungsten carbide, it offers superior cutting performance and extended tool life, ensuring smooth and precise machining results. Experience unmatched performance and durability with our high-performance round nose end mill. Engineered for excellence, it ensures superior performance and durability. Crafted from high-quality tungsten carbide, it delivers consistent results and extended tool life, making it a reliable choice for various machining applications.


  • Tungsten Steel End Mill for Hard and Abrasive Materials: Our tungsten steel end  mills are engineered for machining hard and abrasive materials with precision and efficiency. Crafted from tungsten-containing steel , they offer exceptional hardness and heat resistance, ensuring superior performance in demanding applications. Whether you're working with steel , stainless steel , or hardened alloys, our end mills deliver consistent results and extended tool life.

  • Versatile Tungsten End Mills for Various Machining Operations: Experience versatility in machining with our tungsten end mills , suitable for face milling, slotting, profiling, and pocketing operations. Engineered for excellence, they excel in a wide range of applications across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction. With their precision design and robust construction, our end mills guarantee superior performance and reliability in every operation.

  • Customizable Tungsten End Mills for Tailored Machining Solutions: Tailor your machining solutions with our customizable tungsten end mills , available in various sizes, coatings, and designs to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need roughing, finishing, or specialized milling operations, our end mills can be customized to meet your exact needs. Experience unmatched precision and efficiency with our customizable tungsten end mills .

  • High-Speed Tungsten End Mills for Efficient Machining: Maximize your productivity with our high-speed tungsten end mills , capable of operating at high cutting speeds and feed rates. Engineered for efficiency, they ensure rapid material removal and  smooth surface finishes, even in the most challenging machining conditions. With their superior performance and durability, our end mills are the ideal choice for high-speed machining applications.

  • Tungsten End Mills with Enhanced Cooling and Lubrication: Keep your machining operations running  smoothly with our tungsten end mills, designed to be used with various coolants or lubricants to reduce friction and heat buildup. Whether you prefer flood coolant, mist coolant, or dry machining, our end mills offer compatibility and reliability. Experience improved tool life and surface finish quality with our tungsten end millsand proper coolant/lubricant usage.

  • Durable Tungsten End Mills for Long-Term Performance: Ensure long-term performance and reliability with our durable tungsten end mills, crafted from high-quality materials and engineered for rigorous machining environments. With proper maintenance, such as cleaning and sharpening, our end mills provide optimal performance and longevity, reducing downtime and tool replacement costs. Trust in our tungsten end millsfor consistent results and extended tool life.

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Q: Can you mill tungsten carbide?

Generally, Tungsten Carbide will be grinded with diamond tools or machined by electrical discharge machining (EDM). Though Tungsten Carbide is machinable by using these machining methods, the machining process is destined to face multiple difficulties and challenges.

Q: What is the feed and speed for milling tungsten??

Feed: A feed of 0.003” per tooth should be used as a starting point. Speed: A speed range between 75 to 750 surface feet per minute should be used with tungsten carbide tools. This speed should be adjusted to the depth of the cut, with a deeper cutting angle translating to a slower speed.

Q: What is the end mill cutting rule?

An end mill can only remove a certain amount of material at once. The maximum depth and width of cut is 1/2 of the end mill diameter. For example, a 1/2" end mill can cut no more than 1/4" deep and 1/4" wide in a single pass. A slotting cut is an exception to the width of cut rule.

Q: Why is tungsten difficult to machine?

Since crystal grains of tungsten are much harder than that of molybdenum, milling it can rapidly wear the cutting edges of the tool. Even worse, tungsten is brittle and prone to cracking and breaking during machining operations. As mentioned above, tungsten is ultra-hard and is extremely difficult to machine.
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